Our brandname is well known in
domestic market and we also export to
around 90 different countries regularly.
We are following changing trends, innovations
and competing itself hereby every
our vision is growing up...

LUCIDO was founded in 1999 with the aim of providing services in the kitchen and furniture accessories sector. Since the day we were founded, we have been aware of the increasing product diversity every year, our growing workforce and capacity, respect for nature, the environment and our employees for 28 years. in our year, we continue to produce without compromising quality with our young dynamic employees in our factory building with an indoor area of 32.500m2 and an outdoor area of 10.000m2 in Tekirdag Velimese Organized Industrial Zone.

With our dec to R&D, we are adding a new color to the sector by improving our product range every year. We are proud to provide better service to our valued customers with our increasing capacity, our strengthened experienced staff and new high-tech facilities and machines.

As a company that is open to innovations and in competition with itself, we are expanding our vision every year in addition to carrying our desired brand feature abroad with regular exports to over 90 countries, we are also expanding our vision every year.

Our product groups; functional pantry systems, ergonomic cabinet under the bench and corner units, between sets of accessories brings a new aesthetic to your kitchen, cabinet shelf ideal for groups opens the application areas of our life easier, wardrobe accessories, multi-purpose and modern bathroom accessories consists of groups of the colon.

With the trust and support of our esteemed customers, we will always work harder and continue our journey…